Fall '17 Update

This has been an eventful autumn at ATLAS Mobile Technologies!

Last month we shattered our web traffic records. Our number of unique site visitors increased by over 3,000% from the previous month, which had been steadily increasing before then but spiked thanks to the efforts of our COO Nick Howell to raise awareness of several poorly reported but significant changes to some State laws.

Speaking of the team, we recently fully onboarded two outstanding individuals to head up the development of the technology that drives our services.

Olga Fedorova has taken on the role of CTO – she is heading up the development of our mobile solutions including the Android and iOS apps. Expect to see substantial overhauls and new functionality coming soon to Android, though the iOS version is still a bit down the road.

Doug Williams also joins us as our CDO. His extensive experience in data management and architecture is a great asset to helping refine the efficiency of our systems which deliver relevant law changes to those affected. There’s a ton of laws and Doug will help their organization immensely.

As we move into winter we expect to start rolling out new versions of all our software and continue the work of keeping you informed.

The holiday travel season often means dealing with different sets of laws than we’re generally accustomed to. Be mindful of the differences, and stay safe out there!