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What is ATLAS?

ATLAS, an acronym for "Automatic Tracking of Laws Across States", is the name of our mobile app, company and service offering. We provide key details about the laws we cover as well as the full texts of relevant state statutes or regulations that affect a subject in case more details are necessary. As laws change we keep the broader public informed and notify our users of changes that affect them.

ATLAS was featured on The Discovery Channel during a broadcast of Newswatch in 2016 prior to the release of our mobile app which highlighted some of it's functionality.

Who We Are

Our growing team is made up of 6 talented individuals with diverse backgrounds spread across the country in addition to other similarly nationally distributed contributors. We currently have a presence in Delaware, Colorado, Virginia and Wyoming with strong relationships in Ohio and California.

In order to create a more collaborative working environment we are focusing on building out our presence in the Denver, CO area where the plurality of our team is currently located.

Management Team

Steve Wood, ATLAS Founder/CEO

Steve Wood, ATLAS Founder/CEO

The idea for ATLAS had bounced around in Steve Wood's head for several years before taking it's current form.  Many cross-country travels had left him acutely aware that laws differed greatly from place to place and dismayed at the lack of a readily accessible, up-to-date tool to explain differences. Casual conversations and market research showed such a tool would be widely desired, so when his employer was acquired he seized the opportunity to develop it.

Mr. Wood, the son of a PhD Nuclear Engineer who happens to be an entrepreneur, grew up in a very technical and scientific environment.  He started building webpages at 11 years old, began working as a developer for his father's company at 14 and intended to pursue Computer Science before getting swept up in politics around the end of high school.  This shift in focus resulted in him earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

Steve, a world-class athlete, competed on the varsity swim team while working towards his Bachelor's degree and qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is currently working full-time as CEO of ATLAS in addition to engaging in some consulting work, the proceeds from which have funded the company's operations.

Nick Howell, ATLAS Co-Founder/COO

Nick Howell, ATLAS Co-Founder/COO

Upon learning about the project from its founder, Nick Howell quickly developed a passion for the ATLAS product and the mission behind it.  As Nick and Steve had worked together on previous ventures and had an excellent professional relationship the two saw a natural fit for Nick's skill set at ATLAS. He came on board shortly after work started and began to tackle some of the many projects that needed to be addressed.

Once Mr. Howell graduated from George Mason University in 2012 with an Honors Bachelor's in Anthropology and an Honors Bachelor's in Civil Engineering he started working at a DC-based music and media management firm called One Love Massive. Starting near the inception of the company, he helped the firm grow its brand over the next three years, and grew very fond of the music industry. Nick worked directly with artists and venues to create an entire experience from start-to-finish, including finding the appropriate artists and managing their schedules.

His rapidly developing skills in the marketing world led him to serve as ATLAS' COO. He now helps oversee the ATLAS team as well as their marketing and media efforts.

Coverage Detail

We currently track laws that affect 49 subjects in six distinct categories:

  • Traffic
  • Interactions with Law Enforcement
  • Alcohol
  • State Taxes
  • Firearms
  • Marijuana

Our coverage includes all fifty U.S. States as well as the District of Columbia and only extends to statewide standards. Local laws and ordinances are not supported at this time.

Click on an icon to learn more about that subject and how much those laws vary from place to place.

Contact Info

General inquries sent to support@atlasmobiletech.com are seen by several members of our team and will make their way to the appropriate parties. The ATLAS team can also be reached on the social media platforms below.

Our CEO can be reached via email at swood@atlasmobile.tech

Our COO can be reached via email at nhowell@atlasmobile.tech