Arms Legal in One State Can Mean Felonies in Another

Reading the Second Amendment can give someone the false impression that their right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed, yet a number of states heavily restrict possession of "assault rifles", "large capacity magazines" and a number of related behaviors which politicians define differently in each place


Concealed Carry and Reciprocity

While many states grant the right to carry a concealed weapon to anyone holding a permit from any state and others do not require a permit whatsoever, there are many parts of the country where certain state permits aren't valid.

Until all states concealed carry permits are recognized nationwide, the map of which states accept which states permits will continue to shift.

States are always adding and subtracting others from the list of those whose permits they recognize. Keeping up with the current requirements can mean the difference between going to jail and going on your way after a police encounter.

Open Carry

Recognition of the right to openly bear arms varies from state to state and is subjected to a number of restrictions.

While 35 states generally allow open carry, four of those only do so for long guns and while a handgun concealed carry permit may mean handguns can be openly carried as well this isn't always true.

Many states which permit open carry allows cities to ban it, as Denver and Philadelphia have done.

California is surrounded by open carry states, though Oregon allows some local restrictions

A magazine that holds the number of bullets in this picture is illegal in nine states

A magazine that holds the number of bullets in this picture is illegal in nine states

Magazine Restrictions

Although 80% of states have not limited magazines and ammo feeders the ones that have all did so in different ways.

  • Five states require magazines to be affixed to firearms and not detachable
  • Hawaii has restricted handgun magazine limits but not those for long guns
  • Colorado has a different limit for shotguns than for all other guns
  • Size limits range from 7 rounds to 20, though 10 is the most common number

In some places this is a serious misdemeanor with a max sentence of up to one year and fines of up to $2,500. In others, bringing a restricted magazine into the state can lead to felony charges which can result in 10 years in jail and fines in the neighborhood of $10,000

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