Know Before You Go: Super Bowl LII

It’s that time of year, sports fans!

The Eagles and the Patriots are set to square off in Super Bowl LII on February 4th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  People will be traveling from all around to see the biggest sports event in the country, so let’s take a quick look at the laws that might affect you if you head to the big game.

Ticket Scalping

In 2007, Minnesota repealed all laws banning the resale of tickets.  As such, there is no regulation or oversight involved with purchasing a ticket from a third party.  This means you could easily pay cash to anyone with a ticket in hand, but authenticity issues are always a problem at big events.  Local police advise you to take a picture of the seller with their ID in case your tickets turn out to be fake.

Public Drinking

Minnesota does not have any specific laws against public consumption of alcohol.  Driving while intoxicated and open container laws are in place and carry hefty penalties, so make sure you have a plan before you go.  If you are tailgating the event, know that Minneapolis liquor stores have regulated hours of operation on Sunday - typically 11AM to 6PM.


Minnesota has legal medical cannabis for qualified patients, but adult-use is still illegal.  You won’t do jail time for small amounts though - anything under 48.5 grams is a misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of $200.  Bringing cannabis products, medical or not, from another state is illegal under federal law.

Police Interaction

If you happen to find yourself talking with the police, it is legal to record the interaction under state law.  You are not required to provide any identifying information to the police unless probable cause exists.  Concealed weapons permit holders from any state are required to inform the police if they are currently in possession of any weapons, but it is highly recommended to leave those items at home due to the level of extra security.

High profile events such as the Super Bowl have huge security concerns, so expect a large law enforcement presence in the area.  Be sure to comply with any additional instructions that may be in place around the stadium - those extra measures are there to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time!