ATLAS Launch


When was the last time you traveled and didn't know the local laws? Even keeping track of changes in your home state can be a hassle and lead to unintended tickets, property seizure, or even jail if you’re really unlucky.

This is where ATLAS comes in. We track the laws in each state as they change so you don't have to and provide short, easily digestible summaries as well as giving you access to the full legal text if you want to read the law in full.

Users can view information on any covered law for any state at any time they so desire and opt in to notifications of changes based on location, new laws going into effect or both.

ATLAS takes the user's preferences and customizes notifications so you only see what matters to you as you travel or as they are changed and we update our database.


We soft launched a few months ago and got a lot of valuable community feedback which we used to make the app easier to use and eliminated the requirement of users having to create accounts. The app itself is completely free to use with all features, although it is ad supported, and we will be both adding new categories of laws people would like to keep informed about and adding new features as well.