12 Year-Old is Suing Jeff Sessions for Access to Medical Cannabis Oil Nationwide

A 12 year-old girl is suing Jeff Sessions for medical cannabis to be available nationwide. Alexis Bortell suffers from severe epilepsy and medical cannabis oil is her best option. Her family moved from Texas to Colorado so that she could get a particular strain of cannabis oil called “Haleigh’s Hope” that is engineered to be used to combat seizures. Now she is effectively trapped there or the 20 some odd states that allow medical cannabis oil at the correct percentage to be used. She can’t, for instance, return to Texas to visit her family and friends because her parents would be giving her an illegal substance and CPS could take her away.

Texas recently did pass the Compassionate Use Act, which allows patients to be prescribed low-THC cannabis-based medicines. That is, anything under .5% THC. Haleigh’s hope, in its highest CBD:THC ratio is still 30:1, meaning roughly 3% - well above the absurd .5% margin which is based on what industrial hemp comes out to. So, no products available even under Texas’s new “compassionate” law will help her. Speaking quite frankly, it doesn’t seem that Texas’s new law will help anybody with serious medical needs at all.

So Alexis and her father and a handful of other plaintiffs (including former NFL player Marvin Washington) are taking the issue to the courts. The Justice Department and Jeff Sessions, who we all know has strong opinions on cannabis – likening it to much harder drugs on a very open platform of century-old logic – will be the target of the case.

"This lawsuit stands to benefit tens of millions of Americans who require, but are unable to safely obtain, Cannabis for the treatment of their illnesses, diseases and medical conditions," the suit states.

Alexis has had epileptic fits since she was seven, and used to have them multiple times a day. Since taking cannabis oil she has been seizure-free for two years. Not. One. Her only other option to remedy the issue (and with no guaranteed certainty) is to undergo open brain surgery, but I think we can all agree that taking a non-psychoactive medical plant oil once a day is a much better option than opening up this little girl’s head for a risky surgery.