Reaching Out Beats Out Selling Out

Last week at ATLAS was all about outreach. From start to finish, we reached out to and connected with thousands of individuals via email, social media and phone calls to raise awareness for our mission of keeping people connected to and current on what the laws that affect them say.

We spent hours on the phone with reporters that understand how hard it is for everyone, from the affluent and tech savvy to the disadvantaged who truly can’t afford run-ins with the law, to keep up with the constantly shifting boundaries of what is and isn’t legal, as well as investors who see the potential in what we’re creating.

Countless emails and social media messages went out to people who realize how important it is to have ready access to the power that knowledge provides. And the response we’ve gotten has been fantastic.

Talks with angel investors and venture capitalists are progressing as we continue this early fundraising round which will allow us to expand our services significantly. Combined with some excellent discussions with the media, the next new year looks to be full of growth opportunities!

While our development team was breathing easier last week after working diligently for some time on our latest release, a few smaller items did get touched up. As we pivot to finishing up the iOS version we don’t expect to make many changes to the existing Android app until that has wrapped up. Thanks for being patient!