The risk of flying with marijuana depends mostly on the state you depart

Bringing marijuana through airport security and onto commercial aircraft seems to be extremely risky business as the drug is still illegal in many US states. Some states still possess extremely harsh penalties for any person caught bringing the substance into their territory. For example, the penalty for bringing between four and 14 grams of marijuana into Georgia is a mandatory minimum term of 5 years in jail and a fine of $50,000. This can be a terrifying prospect to the average marijuana tourist. But Georgia doesn’t search fliers after they land at their destination and are headed out of the airport so what is the penalty for someone caught with the substance before they fly there?

As it turns out, not nearly as disastrous for one’s life. As summarized by the handy ATLAS app (and not-so-well laid out in legalese in Colorado state law 42-4-1305.5), there is no explicit ban or penalty for importing or exporting marijuana products. The very few airport travelers each year caught with cannabis typically are ordered to throw away their stash. This is why it’s important to check out both your departure state and destination’s state laws before you fly because if one is caught in Colorado with under a certain amount then there is no penalty compared to a harsher alternative at your destination.

Fly safe, and know the law before you go!