Winter `17-`18 Update


The turning of the calendar from one year to another is often viewed as a time of change and improvement by many. We are no exception: after an intensive year of research and testing, a lot of updates and changes are coming to our platforms that we think will greatly benefit everyone.

Until now we’ve been focused on perfecting what we have before expanding to do more. To that end, we’ve implemented several overhauls of our app’s user interface in addition to making it much easier to access and share the information contained within. An overhaul of the back-end data management system is also underway, slated to go live by the end of January.

Once these re-works are complete, our team will be able to bring the long-awaited iOS version of ATLAS to the Apple App Store. If you are one of the many who have pre-registered to beta test that product, the wait will soon be over.

In social news, we’re now on Reddit and Tumblr! If you use these platforms and want to keep up with laws which may be changing right before your eyes, check us out on your social channel of choice. Our efforts to keep people informed of relevant legal changes landed us in the news a few times recently as well – the Des Moines Tribune and Real Estate Advantage both featured stories we shared about changing laws which affected their readership.

We’ve got a lot planned for 2018 and beyond. Effectively providing information on how individuals interact with the law is challenging due to how everyone’s unique life situations differ, but considering the vital nature of this service we’re doing everything we can to ensure everyone has readily available access to that which affects them so nobody is caught off-guard when it counts.

Be safe this New Year, and be prepared for the legal changes it always brings