Spring 2019 Update

Over the past several months we haven't posted much new research or original content.

There's a good reason for this.

Our team has been focusing heavily on building out our technological systems. Our software solutions have always been at the core of this company's mission, and getting them built solidly is our top priority.

As the old adage goes, you can get something fast and cheap, fast and good, or cheap and fast, but not all three. Our team is committed to getting this done right. However, since we're both small and entirely self supported, that means a product this complex takes a lot of time to really do right.

In absence of the systems we're building, most of the law tracking and updates had to be done manually. This produced a lot of groundbreaking findings usually overlooked in the media, but also limited our scope and drew resources away from product development.

After all, just look at this list of categories we monitor:

Each of those categories has dozens, if not hundreds, of topics contained within. Each of those topics has up to 24 individual laws which affect it.

And those doesn't even cover half of the laws on the books. Laws which change daily.

To facilitate our mission of ensuring open access to all this data over the long term, we've refocused our efforts on technology.

Since early winter of 2018 we have been massively overhauling our back end systems. The underlying structures that support our work have been gutted and entirely rebuilt. Those changes meant the mobile app(s) had to be heavily re-developed as well.

We've focused on the Android version since it both was the farthest along and presented the most challenges. It's nearing completion and the iOS version will follow afterwards.

After this overhaul, ATLAS will be a fully comprehensive law tracking system with the most accurate data available anywhere. The data within this system will even be more up to date and accurate than what you'll get from the State governments themselves.

Unfortunately, this means once the mobile apps are live we'll be adding states individually. Some preliminary data will be available for every state, but fully incorporating a new state will take time to complete.

The alternative would be extensive delays.

Doing this right requires tracking every law in every State's legal code. We're committed to doing it right and taking no shortcuts.

Stay tuned...

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