Could Marching with Antifa be a Felony in Louisiana?

The State of Louisiana has on it’s books a couple of statutes dating back to 1962 targeted at pro-Soviet communist subversives collectively called the Communist Propaganda Control Law. This law, classifies a number of behaviors a felony, with violators fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned at hard labor for not more than six years, or both.

The primary offense described is knowingly, willingly, and intentionally delivering, distributing, disseminating, or storing communist propaganda.

Where this gets interesting is how the law defines “communist propaganda”. The term is written as meaning, among other things, any oral, visual, graphic, written, pictorial or other communication which is issued, prepared, printed, procured, distributed or disseminated by any communist organization, communist action organization, communist front organization, communist infiltrated organization or communist controlled organization.

Communications which advocate, advise, instigate or promote “any racial, social, political or religious disorder, civil riot, or other conflict involving the use of force or violence in the United States, the state of Louisiana or any other American republic, or the overthrow of any government or political subdivision of the United States, the state of Louisiana or any other American republic by any means involving the use of force or violence” are all also included.

Marching while carrying signs adorned with the hammer and sickle, calling for the removal of the President, and for the government to be overthrown certainly meets the criteria. Thus, if such signs were made by a group which proclaims itself to be communist, or even one infiltrated by one, marching with them would be a crime.

The mainstream media has identified Antifa as predominantly communists. A look at some individual group’s websites indicates they proclaim themselves to be communists.

Because we tirelessly stand for the working class and never abandon its worldview, and because we insist on analyzing all questions using revolutionary science, communists are both far-sighted and perceptive of the internal motion of things. This is why we make the best analysis and pose the greatest threat to the capitalist system.

-Red Guards Austin, a Texas Antifascist Bloc Group

So, at least in Louisiana, are those who march with a group of people who have been identified as communists and openly refer to themselves as such, who carry signs saying things like “Become Ungovernable” and “This is War”, meet the criteria for preparing or disseminating communist propaganda? That would be for a court to decide, but it’s certainly possible.

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