We Value Your Privacy

As part of our commitment to user security and privacy we make it a standard practice to address any and all related concerns brought to our attention.  When members of the community raised some security issues with a few of the permissions ATLAS requested we streamlined the app in order to remove as many as possible and eliminate the related concerns.  Since we take privacy every bit as seriously as security we want to make sure there is no confusion about how your information is handled.

It’s pretty simple: we don’t share individual user data.  Ever.  With anyone.  This is one of our core values – unless you explicitly request otherwise, your information will never be shown to anyone.

What you tell us serves two purposes.  First, it allows us to provide you the information you seek.  You tell ATLAS you want to know about the laws on a certain topic in a certain place and the app provides that to you.  This happens entirely on your device and doesn’t connect to our servers or the internet at all.  Making this app work offline was a central point throughout development.

The second purpose is improving and expanding our services.   There are laws that cover every aspect of life.  In order to know where to focus future development, add additional laws and provide more detail we need to know the hot topics.

If we find an interesting pattern in those hot topics we may share that insight, such as “silencer laws generate more interest than any other subject we cover”, but such findings will always take that general format.

Our founding team is wholly dedicated to protecting user privacy.  We’ve been using apps for much, much longer than we’ve been building them and have seen several, large and small, we felt did not take the issue seriously or worse, abused the information given to them and the trust that goes along with that.

Everyone suffers in some way when that happens.  We put principles over profits and vow to do everything we can to keep the privacy of our users 100% intact.  That’s our promise to the community and we will abide by it forever.