Your feedback matters!

When ATLAS launched we got a flurry of new feedback on things that hadn’t come up before.  People on social media started telling us they took issue with the permissions required and the log in screen.  We even heard people claiming the app requested “dangerous” permissions, much to our surprise!

That was unacceptable.  Even though our follow up led us to believe some of the statements might have been trolling we launched a full review of the permissions ATLAS required determine two things: whether the claims that the app required dangerous permissions had any merit and if there were any that could be trimmed back or removed completely.

It turned out that there was one permission that gives an app significant powers we had added in during the early testing stages to uncover the source of a recurring bug that, once fixed, was never removed.  We immediately eliminated this permission and after determining that the app would still work without it, published a new version without that requirement less than 24 hours after the first complaint was discovered.

Other feedback around our sign up process was less specific but led us to brainstorm ways to make the process a little more transparent.  These additions are more complex but are currently being added and we expect to roll them out within a week.

We at ATLAS Mobile Technologies take feedback from the community to heart.  If you have suggestions for ways we can improve our products we will listen and do what we can to make our services more reflective of what our users, both current and potential, want to see.  If you are one of those who have made your thoughts and opinions known to us, thank you!  Your input is very important to us and we appreciate that you take the time to let us know what you think.