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A Compliance Service built for growing businesses

ATLAS for Business is an automated law and regulation alert service that notifies you every time a policy in your area that impacts your business changes. We allow you to stay on top of laws and regulations, without an expensive in-house research team. With ATLAS, be the first to know about new rules and new opportunities.

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Without actively tracking changes yourself there is zero hope of staying up to date on the laws in your state of incorporation, let alone in other states that you serve! Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense against fines. New laws are passed every day, which places an ever-growing burden on business owners to keep up.

ATLAS keeps you ahead of the curve, alerting you to changes before you find out the hard way.  Our platform offers custom curation of alerts based on the areas of law that impact your business.

Our platform aggregates laws from all 50 states into an easily-digestible format for business owners to utilize. We aim to expand our platform to include localities as we grow.

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ATLAS for Business is currently in extended beta. Leading up to our re-launch, we are offering early access memberships.

Early access members receive steep discounts on monthly rates and exclusive benefits. Additionally, EA members will receive first access to our platform after re-launch.

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