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what are the benefits of registering for Early access?

We are currently offering steep discounts to ATLAS for Business early access members. To express our gratitude to those who partner with us for app access prior to our re-launch*, we are offering a three-month, full-access, membership for only $49.99.

Our team is working on on-boarding all 50 states’ legal and regulatory codes into our system. Early Access members will gain access to states as they are uploaded. As of right now, some of the first states to be uploaded will be Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

EA members will receive exclusive access to our data management team to make sure that the issues and states that impact your company are at the forefront of our rebuild.

To register for Early Access, begin by filling out the form below. If you’d like to discuss this opportunity with our team, email

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Business Address
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*Our re-launch is currently scheduled for Winter 2019. This time frame is subject to change. Early access member’s 3 month memberships will go into effect upon the date of relaunch.

*States that will be available through our national platform are subject to change. Early access members will play a direct role in the priority of states that we add to our system.