ATLAS Research Services

An Affordable tool for Understanding Your Audience

Traditional polling and research is an expensive and unreliable undertaking. It can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to collect a narrow set of bias-ridden data from maybe 1,000 individuals.

ATLAS takes a new approach to learning about constituents. As outlined in our founder’s book Data in Decline, higher quality data can be obtained on an ongoing basis for a small fraction of the costs inherent in outdated traditional methods centered around surveys using a question-and-answer format.


Get Superior Data

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Traditional Approach

The many hand-offs and collection methods used in traditional research yields bad data that might not even answer the questions originally asked

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ATLAS Approach

Trading useful information for user data through a universal anonymized collection tool produces less biased results in a natively quantified format



Continuously Updated Results

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Traditional Results

Old school questionnaires only produce data once and on specifically examined topics

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ATLAS Results

Providing ongoing access to whatever information a person finds useful yields far greater data and continually produces more

Eliminate Lengthy Delays

What takes months to accomplish using 20th century research techniques can be achieved in as little as a day using the modern approaches ATLAS employs to gather data

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Brand new clients with data needs previously un-examined by ATLAS can expect to take longer than existing clients and anyone looking for information on a topic we’ve already incorporated into our system, but even our longest timetables are substantially shorter than you can expect from using a polling or survey research firm.

Curious if ATLAS can meet your data needs?