Doug Williams, Chief Development Officer


Doug Williams serves as ATLAS Mobile Technologies' Chief Development Officer, a position which encompasses the roles of lead developer and project manager. Mr. Williams has decades of experience, having worked at high levels in a variety of industries using many different technologies.

Doug has held a variety of positions while working for an engineering simulation firm using C++ and oracle, a custom startup shop using Microsoft SQL server, VB, and C++, an interactive agency using the Java platform and the .net platform, an education services company using java, .net, and oracle, and most recently for a medical services company using java, php, mySQL, oracle, and cache.

With skills ranging from data center management to software architecture, Mr. Williams acknowledges all technologies have strengths and weaknesses. However, he is quick to point out that they are all tools to accomplish tasks, and that serving people and enriching their lives is the real goal of any company using technology. He is currently using his experience and commitment to simple, maintainable, code to help further develop the ATLAS smartphone application.