State Gun Laws Change Constantly

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Companies working in the firearms and gun safety space experience a very volatile policy environment. Our law change notification service, ATLAS Alerts, notifies you every time a policy that impacts your business changes.

Have You Been Following Recent Updates?

ATLAS Alerts is the best way to keep up with the never-ending shifts in laws covering firearm ownership, training, licensing, ammunition, type-restrictions, and more in the areas you frequent


Maryland Prohibited Many Private Transfers in 2019

Senate Bill 348, signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan on May 13th with an effective date of October 1st, prohibited anyone from lending a firearm to any other person who wouldn't have been eligible to purchase that firearm.

The new law also makes it illegal to sell or lend a firearm to anyone who then uses it to commit a crime or harm any other person.

Dozens of Red Flag Laws Were Passed in 2019

Washington, DC saw a flurry of omnibus firearm safety acts and resolutions. Four bills made it through the DC Council which established extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), also known as "red flag" laws, codified as DC Law 22-314.

These laws vary from region to region, but in the case of DC the bills waive doctor-patient confidentiality for investigating ERPOs and allow the police or anyone related to the person by blood, adoption, guardianship, marriage, domestic partnership, having a child in common, cohabitating, or maintaining a romantic, dating, or sexual relationship to file them.


Previously in Virginia, you had to be medically incapacitated and be issued a special permit in order to hunt from a vehicle. House Bill 1696, signed into law on February 27th as Chapter 151, changed that.

Under this new law, effective July 1st, anyone on their own property can hunt nuisance animals including blackbirds, coyotes, crows, cowbirds, feral swine, grackles, English sparrows, starlings, and more from their automobiles.

How Do ATLAS Alerts Help?

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Many, many laws affecting firearms changed over the course of the 2019. More changes are on the horizon for 2020. Some require immediate compliance, while others create opportunities for new business. ATLAS Alerts will help you stay on top of the changes that affect you and your business. Our alerts reach you in real-time as laws change - over your phone, and in your email inbox. All alerts contain bullet points and extended briefings on each new law passed.


How we handle alerts

We continually monitor laws and regulations produced at the state level.

When our system identifies a match with your business, as determined by an audit of your needs conducted in advance, we send you the details by email, text, or phone so you can take action in light of the changes coming your way.

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