Green Energy Policies Change Constantly

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Companies in the green energy space exist in a very volatile policy environment. Our law change notification service, ATLAS Alerts, notifies you whenever a program or policy that impacts your business changes.

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ATLAS Alerts is the best way to keep up with new laws that create grant opportunities, loan programs, public-private partnerships, contracts, installation requirements, and more where you do business


Virginia Created A New Loan Programs for Providing Public Schools with Rooftop Solar Panels

This year, Virginia House Bill 2192 created a major new opportunity for green energy investment across the state. Effective July 1st, loans made under the Virginia Small Business Financing Act were expanded to include public school modernization projects which aim to make school facilities more energy independent.

Schools are now authorized and encouraged to incorporate rooftop solar power generation facilities, although ground-based solar is also permitted so long as rooftop solar panels generate 80% or more of the power from the combined system.

Maryland enacted a new law mandating that solar panel installers affix lockout tags

On April 30th, Maryland imposed new requirements on installers of solar panels. Companies must now install "lockout tags" with each installation of a residential solar system.

These tags must seal knife blade disconnect switch boxes closed, be attached to the exterior with a metal or plastic strap, and include a safety warning about the potential for electrocution if removed.

The state is still considering the most effective methods of implementing this requirement, but expects it to be done nonetheless.



Washington DC expanded government contracting eligibility to non-DC Businesses

The "Electric Company Infrastructure Improvement Financing Act of 2014" used to require that "100% of the construction contracts [be] awarded to District businesses." That changed with the passage of B23-0135 on July 24th.

The change expanded contract eligibility to include all "certified business enterprises or certified joint ventures", removing the requirement that such businesses be located in the District itself. Companies from all over the DMV can now compete for Washington's lucrative power grid upgrade contracts.

How Do ATLAS Alerts Help?


Many, many laws affecting green energy changed over the course of the 2019. More changes are on the horizon for 2020. Some require immediate compliance, while others create opportunities for new business. ATLAS Alerts will help you stay on top of the changes that affect you and your business. Our alerts reach you in real-time as laws change - over your phone, and in your email inbox. All alerts contain bullet points and extended briefings on each new law passed.


How we handle alerts

We continually monitor laws and regulations produced at the state level.

When our system identifies a match with your business, as determined by an audit of your needs conducted in advance, we send you the details by email, text, or phone so you can take action in light of the changes coming your way.

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