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What is ATLAS?

ATLAS, an acronym for "Automatic Tracker of Laws Across States", is the name of our mobile app, company and service. We provide basic info and details about state laws, plus the full texts of relevant statutes or regulations for when more details are necessary. As laws change we keep the broader public informed and notify our users of changes that affect them.

ATLAS was featured on The Discovery Channel during a broadcast of Newswatch which highlighted the concept and some of our under development mobile app's functionality.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds spread across the country. We are incorporated in Delaware and have a presence in Cincinnati, OH, Baltimore, MD, and Laramie, WY.

Founding Team

Steve Wood, Founder/CEO

Steve Wood, Founder/CEO

The idea for ATLAS had bounced around in Steve Wood's head for several years before taking it's current form. His cross-country travels made him very aware of how laws differed from place to place and dismayed at the lack of a readily accessible, up-to-date tool to explain differences. After discovering the demand for such a tool and realizing how such a product could also solve pressing issues in the social sciences around opinion polling he set about laying the groundwork to build it.

Olga Fedorova, Co-founder/CTO

Olga Fedorova, Co-founder/CTO

Olga Fedorova has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia and is currently working on her Masters of Science degree at Johns Hopkins. Contributing to the growth of a bigger project that will affect people’s lives from early stages is a strong motivator for her to work on this project.

Doug Williams, Co-founder/CDO

Doug Williams, Co-founder/CDO

Mr. Williams has held a variety of leadership positions in different industries using different technology platforms.  With skills ranging from data center management to software architecture, Doug acknowledges all technologies have strengths and weaknesses. His motivation behind working on ATLAS is the opportunity to uniquely solve pressing problems no society should face.

Status Detail

We are actively monitoring over 4,000 enacted laws across all 50 states plus DC. New bills in over 36 distinct categories, with some overlap, are catalogued as they move through their respective legislatures and shared on our social platforms.

A 2% engagement rate, over 3x the norm for brands, is our standard for a post. We occasionally break 10%.

Court rulings and other judicial or executive acts are beyond our current scope. Laws and ordinances which primarily affect localities, even if they are enacted at the State level, are not supported at this time.

We have a mobile application in extended beta for Android devices and are incorporating the feedback into new releases before building the iOS version. Law and bill monitoring is a manual process which we are greatly automating in stages prior to full launch to ensure users have 100% accurate data.

Our front and back end systems are undergoing continuous improvement which is both based on the feedback we have received from our initial users and in line with moving our service offering towards its ultimate potential

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Contact Info

General inquries sent to support@atlasmobiletech.com are seen by several members of our team and will make their way to the appropriate parties. The ATLAS team can also be reached on the social media platforms below.

Our CEO can be reached via email at swood@atlasmobile.tech

Our CTO can be reached via email at ofedorova@atlasmobile.tech

Our CDO can be reached via email at dwilliams@atlasmobile.tech