Leadership Team

Steve Wood, Founder/CEO

ATLAS was conceived of and designed by company founder Steve Wood. The son of a nurse and a PhD nuclear engineer, Mr. Wood was raised in an extensively scientific environment. Having grown up in the same building as the nuclear engineering consulting firm run by his father he was regularly exposed to a small business setting which placed a heavy emphasis on data, technology and a high degree of accuracy as well as precision in one's work.

Mr. Wood holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Following the completion of his terminal degree at the peak of the Great Recession in 2009, Mr. Wood relocated to Washington DC for an internship in the fundraising department at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and was hired on full-time a few months later, whereupon he set out overhauling the organization’s existing data management practices. After implementing new systems, soliciting contributions between $1,000-$10,000 and synchronizing multiple department's data systems, Mr. Wood left the organization to pursue other ventures.

At this time, Mr. Wood founded Directed Electromagnetic Technologies for the purpose of designing and building consumer laser products. Funded by a small $2,000 loan this business was profitable within a few months, generating sales on a worldwide basis. While profitable, the income from this business was insufficient to both grow the business and sustain Mr. Wood’s household, and so he took a position as a research analyst at the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (now Child Care Aware® of America) in early 2012. Here Mr. Wood oversaw the custom database used by the research department, designing and implementing numerous additional functions to reduce much of the department’s data analytics to a one-click process. He co-authored numerous widely-cited publications which reported groundbreaking research being done within the organization, of which he was an integral part, and was the lead on a contract from the State of Maine to survey every child care provider in that state.

After two years of service as a full time employee a new opportunity arose in the tech industry which took Mr. Wood and his family to Utah. That firm which was designing and building a management solution for child care centers was acquired by Care.com later that year; Mr. Wood then transitioned to a managerial role in the Office of Admissions for Utah Valley University, although he has remained a consultant for Child Care Aware® of America’s research efforts and continues to co-author publications in that capacity.

Mr. Wood began working on the ATLAS smartphone application in late 2014 shortly before accepting his position at Utah Valley University and now works on this project full-time.

Nick Howell, Cofounder/COO

Mr. Howell was recruited early on for his general expertise in product marketing and ability to connect products with their natural user bases. After quickly developing a passion for the ATLAS product and the mission behind it, his level of contribution and involvement quickly escalated. He began to identify, recruit and manage a small workforce to tackle numerous projects necessary to bring ATLAS to fruition.

Mr. Howell graduated from George Mason University in 2012 with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. During his last year at GMU he started working as a booking agent for musical talent at a DC-based music and media management firm called One Love Massive. Starting near the inception of the company, he helped the firm grow its brand over the next three years, and grew very fond of the music industry. Mr. Howell worked hand-in-hand with artists and venues to create the best experience possible for everyone involved; negotiating payment, finding the appropriate artists to fill spots for prospective clients, making sure the music matched the venue (ranging from single DJs playing electronic music to full bands playing Jazz/Funk) and managing the schedules of the artists were all valuable learning experiences.

Mr. Howell then went to work as a sales consultant for Directed Electromagnetic Technologies, where he worked hand in hand with future AMTC founder Steve Wood. In this position, he was responsible for managing the east coast sales of high-grade personal lasers, as well as holding seminars on how to properly assemble and use the equipment. He also was responsible for small marketing endeavors to promote the product to new client markets and used multiple avenues of distribution to do so, including grassroots efforts at his alma mater in the science departments and using social media to spread the product to a national audience. The business continued to grow, and small pockets of distribution/training centers were set up along the East Coast.

This role provided Mr. Howell with a platform to showcase his rapidly developing skills in the marketing world, and was subsequently recruited to serve as ATLAS Mobile Technologies' Chief Operations Officer upon its formation. He is now helps oversee the ATLAS team as well as their marketing and media efforts.

Doug Williams, Lead Developer

Doug Williams serves as ATLAS Mobile Technologies' lead developer and project manager. Mr. Williams has decades of experience, having worked at high levels in a variety of industries using many different technologies.

Doug has held a variety of positions while working for an engineering simulation firm using C++ and oracle, a custom startup shop using Microsoft SQL server, VB, and C++, an interactive agency using the Java platform and the .net platform, an education services company using java, .net, and oracle, and most recently for a medical services company using java, php, mySQL, oracle, and cache.

With skills ranging from data center management to software architecture, Mr. Williams acknowledges all technologies have strengths and weaknesses. However, he is quick to point out that they are all tools to accomplish tasks, and that serving people and enriching their lives is the real goal of any company using technology. He is currently using his experience and commitment to simple, maintainable, code to help further develop the ATLAS smartphone application.