THC and CBD Laws Vary More Than Any Other

In one recreationally legal state possessing over the legal amount can land you in jail for up to five years, even though that amount may still be completely legal in another state.  While the entire Pacific coast has legalized, crossing borders with any amount can still mean thousands in fines and years in jail.  An amount that is legal in one town is a felony a few feet away, and these rules are constantly changing.


Concentrates and Accessories

Laws on concentrates aren't always the same as those on flower, and in many cases paraphernalia is a greater offense than the plant itself

  • Hawaii penalizes having a bong over 50 times more severely than having up to an ounce of weed
  • The one ounce public legal max for flower in Massachusetts is 8x more than the 5 gram limit for concentrates possession.
  • Up to six ounces in Delaware is only a $100 fine, but having something to smoke with adds a zero to that and can land you in jail

Half the states that legalized marijuana set the legal threshold at one ounce. Other states have decriminalized small amounts, while others still consider them felonies.

Possessing just over the legal limit, which varies from state to state, can come with anything from a $100 fine to an $11,000 one with 5 years in jail depending on location.

Even in states with no legal status whatsoever, the penalties for possessing more than an ounce can actually be lower than in many states with legalization.

Potomac pot penalties

Medical registration often allows much higher possession limits, even for out-of-state patients in many cases

Medical registration often allows much higher possession limits, even for out-of-state patients in many cases

Medical Programs and Reciprocity

Far more states have legalized for medical purposes than have done so recreationally. The nature of those programs varies as well.

  • 80% of U.S. State's have enacted some form of medical marijuana
    • Some of these only allow non smokable forms or only CBD oil
    • Some allow over a pound of smokeable flower for patient care
  • Reciprocity can make a huge difference
    • Two ounces in New Hampshire is a felony with a $100k fine and up to 7 years in jail, but legal for out of state patients with a medical card
    • Over the legal one ounce limit in Nevada is still a felony, but out-of-state patients who have pre-registered in Nevada are legal up to 2.5oz

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