Find us on social media!

Each of our social channels provides a different sort of content tailored to compliment that platform's strengths as well as accommodate their limitations and restrictions. No two are the same!


Due to recent changes in Facebook's algorithms drastically reducing the visibility of our content we have made this platform our lowest priority and post the least content there. If you want a light trickle of infographics and occasional blog posts this is where you'll find it.


Many of our infographics, especially breaking or particularly noteworthy findings, end up on Twitter first. We also conduct polls of our followers and share relevant news stories we've identified here. Since blog posts are also posted here, Twitter has a little bit of everything.


Tumblr is the general repository for all of our content and is constantly being updated, primarily with blog content, company updates, infographics and news stories. If you want to see everything this is the place to follow us.


As a visual platform, Instagram is where we post all of our infographic-format content. Rarely anything else goes up here, so if you want a stream of eye-catching colorful representations of what we're tracking this is where you want to go.


If you're the type that prefers to read news stories and longer articles instead of brief overviews, snippets or infographics then our Reddit page is the place for you. Fewer images go up on this platform which is mostly news and updates.