Taxes are Always Changing

Tax laws affect spending, and knowing which states charge more can save money on vacation or even help contribute to deciding on a move. Keep up to date on tax laws to more accurately estimate expenses.

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Sales and Consumption Tax

Thinking about buying a laptop? Television? If you're buying anything expensive you may save hundreds of dollars if you make your purchase in a state with very little to no sales tax. If you live in a state with an extremely high sales tax rate such as California, it might be worth a trip to Oregon where there is none!

Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax

Minimizing expenses during a move or during a roadtrip can save some significant cash if you know what states to fill up in ahead of time. Keep track of which states to fill up in and you could possibly save the equivelent in dollars of a restaurant meal along the way. Small things have a tendency to add up and it's a good idea to keep track of costs along the way!

New taxes

Stay up to date on everything commonly taxed such as restaurant meals, cigarettes, alcohol, resort fees at hotels, and even into new territory with marijuana legalization.

ATLAS keeps you up to date on all forms of taxation relevant to your life!

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