Knowledge is power

Does your state have a Stand Your Ground law?  If a cop approaches you, what must you tell them?  Are you really allowed to drive around with headphones on?

Laws change a lot and not knowing their boundaries can be costly.  Things legal in one state can be felonies right next door, and you may become a criminal over night by a new law going into effect you have no idea exists.

That’s why we’re building ATLAS, a mobile application that helps you stay ahead of the curve with law alerts based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Being informed means being empowered


Without actively tracking changes there is zero hope of staying up to date on the laws in your state, let alone in others! Ignorance of the law is not a valid legal defense, even as more and more laws are passed, which places a growing burden on everybody to keep up.

ATLAS keeps you ahead of the curve, alerting you to changes before you find out the hard way.  Click on a subject to learn more about how much the laws differ!